7 Ways to Living More Sustainably at Home

Living more sustainably is easier said than done. And it is not something that anyone can transition into quickly given how it involves some lifestyle changes that can affect the way you do things everyday both at home and outside it. But just because it can be tough does not mean it cannot be done. It is often the small adjustments you make at home that set you to a good start.

1. Explore the idea of going solar

Generating solar energy at home may seem like a big investment to make. But it can be more cost-effective in the long-run. You can save more on electricity over time not to mention reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Check insulation

Checking your insulation allows you to identify problems that may be costing you more on heating and cooling bills. You can schedule an annual or twice a year energy audit that include a thorough check and maintenance of your house’s insulation.

3. Conserve water

conserve-rain-waterFixing faulty faucets or leaky pipes and installing low-flow showerheads are just some of the ways you can conserve water and energy at home. Collecting rainwater is also a great way to save on water since you can use what you have collected in many ways around your house.

4. Repair before you discard

Many of the things that get discarded are still usable. Sometimes they just need some fixing to be of use again. Learning how to repair things around your home can minimize the amount of waste you have to discard. So the next time you are about to throw something out, you might want to check if you still can repair or recycle it.

5. Reuse items

Food containers like jars, paper, and paper bags are among the things you can reuse. You can get creative in repurposing old jars or use it when you make your own fruit or vegetable preserves at home.

6. Install more energy-efficient light fixture

Replace incandescent light-bulbs with energy-efficient light fixtures, if you still have some of the latter in use around your house. Consider using motion-sensor lights in some areas at your home, if applicable.

7. Green your transport

You do not have to give up your car or stop driving completely. But you can try to green your transport by ensuring that your car is properly maintained, combining errands that will require you to drive, and biking or walking to some of the places that you can easily reach on two-wheels or on foot. Taking the public transit is also a great way to get around more sustainably.