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Sustainability with Miter Saws

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Before you check out good miter saw picks right now, you have to be aware of what type of miter saw you need. After all, it wouldn’t be sustainable to have all kinds of miter saws, but you’re only using one type. You have to think of the long-term effect of purchasing a miter saw as well. If you’re not going to benefit much from one type, then don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. To help you choose, below are the descriptions of each kind of miter saw.

Basic Miter Saw

This type has no bevel option, which means it can’t be sloped from horizontal to vertical. With this saw, you can make miter cuts and crosscuts. It’s quicker and more comfortable to use compared to a manual miter saw, and there are even light versions of the basic miter saw. The price tag of this one is also bearable.

Compound Miter Saw

This saw can either come with one or two bevel options. You can make compound cuts (obviously), miter cuts, bevel cuts, and crosscuts with this one. Note that compound cuts are a combination of bevel and miter cuts. A compound miter saw is best for those who want versatility. This saw can tilt to either one side or tilt to angles of up to 50°.

Cordless Miter Saw

This type of miter saw can either have zero, single, or dual bevel choices. It can make bevel cuts, miter cuts, crosscuts, and compound cuts. Because they’re cordless, these miter saws are easier to work with compared to the others. You won’t be bothered with portable generators and cords as well. You just have to make sure they’re charged and that you have extra batteries. However, even the lighter versions of this one are said to be heavier than corded miter saws, so if you know your hands are no longer strong enough to handle one, choose a corded miter saw instead. I suggest you check the weight of the cordless miter saw before you consider buying it.

The Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT-DW715-sliding compound miter saw

This type of saw can have single or dual bevel options. This can also make the four types of cuts we’ve been mentioning. The sliding compound miter saw is also a versatile tool as it could create bevel cuts whether right or left without having to move the material you’re working on. It also enables you to cut through broad workpieces.

Parting Words

Ensure that you’ve reviewed the usual cuts you perform so that you can identify which miter saw is best for you. Remember that being specific can save you a lot of time, money, and other resources.


Why Having Your Own Pool Is Sustainable In The Long Run

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We can’t deny that having pool is important nowadays, especially during the summer months where every ray of the sun is set to make your skin more irritated or burned unless you find some other way to cool yourself down. We also can’t deny that having a pool is in nowadays, even during the winter months where every grain of the snow is set to make your skin more flaked or dehydrated unless you find some other way cool yourself down.

Thus, it’s only right for you to have your own pool – not just for the sake of keeping your outer self cool enough, but also for the sake of keeping your inner self cool enough to withstand any other situation you might find yourself in like when you’re experiencing a heatstroke due to the unbearable rays of the sun (which you can further prevent when you take a swim right away in a pool with the usual temperature) or when you’re having a frostbite due to the intolerable grains of the snow (which you can further avoid when you take a dip right away in a pool with the usual setting).

Even more so, having your own pool is sustainable in the long run. Here are some reasons why:

Having your own pool is sustainable in the long run due to its monetary promise, as well as what’s more important.

Simply put, you don’t need to have a vacation leave in places that are sometimes proven to be way beyond what you can only afford to spend money on. Having your own pool will also not just help you save up on travelling costs, but also help you focus on what’s more important and that is to spend time with those in front of you even in simple ways like having your own grill party beside your own pool with your family and friends.

Having your own pool is sustainable in the long run due to its creativity promise, as well as what’s more essential.

Simply put, you don’t need to have a new house in places that are sometimes proven to be way beyond what you can only afford to spend time on. Having your own pool will also not just help you save up on travelling stints, but also help you focus on what’s more essential and that is to spend effort for those in front of you even in simple ways like making your own pool section inside your own backyard with your family and friends.

Guidelines for a safe swimming pool – you might want to check this out now, too.


Go Green with These Companies

When we speak of the top handyman brands, surely HealthyHandyman’s guide would be on the list. But how about when we talk about sustainable environment? Which companies should be on the list? We’ve done our research and found the following top five organizations that promote the green life.


This food company is one of the planet’s biggest food stores, and the evidence is clear. Recently, they’ve taken the lead in promoting the green way by reducing their total energy usage. They are using energy-efficient appliances and cutting power wastage by 25%. They even have green parking lots that are exclusive for hybrid vehicles only. Those parking lots come with permeable concrete with the capacity to recharge cars and clean ground water. In addition, McDonald’s also use mindful means to get their animal products to limit their effects on wrecking animal habitats.



As the leading producer of computer equipment, Dell has advocated the safe disposal of their products through an efficient recycling system. Because of their aim to limit environmental impacts, they permit customers to return Dell equipment for free. They also accept printers, computers, and monitors of other brands for safe disposal.


Google is also doing its part by cutting their energy consumption and assisting green energy projects. They’ve built the world’s most energy-efficient data centers too. They also encourage the use of renewable energy and clean energy products. The company continuously promotes energy conservation. They even funded a number of green energy projects by purchasing solar panels and windmills.

Bank of America


After realizing the importance of sustainable development, the Bank of America went green. In five years, they were able to cut paper use by 32%. They also began an internal recycling program and has been recycling around 30,000 tons of paper each year. The data implies that they’re conserving nearly 200,000 trees. They also offer $3,000 as a cash-back reward for workers who shift to hybrid vehicles.

Tesla Motors

Tesla_Motors_logoThis company is known to manufacture eco-friendly cars, without compromising the speed and power of the vehicles. Their electric-powered cars are efficient and can go from 0 to 60 in only 3.9, with an equivalent of 256mpg from its electric output. As a bonus, their vehicles are also elegant, with cost-effective maintenance costs.


7 Ways to Living More Sustainably at Home

Living more sustainably is easier said than done. And it is not something that anyone can transition into quickly given how it involves some lifestyle changes that can affect the way you do things everyday both at home and outside it. But just because it can be tough does not mean it cannot be done. It is often the small adjustments you make at home that set you to a good start.

1. Explore the idea of going solar

Generating solar energy at home may seem like a big investment to make. But it can be more cost-effective in the long-run. You can save more on electricity over time not to mention reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Check insulation

Checking your insulation allows you to identify problems that may be costing you more on heating and cooling bills. You can schedule an annual or twice a year energy audit that include a thorough check and maintenance of your house’s insulation.

3. Conserve water

conserve-rain-waterFixing faulty faucets or leaky pipes and installing low-flow showerheads are just some of the ways you can conserve water and energy at home. Collecting rainwater is also a great way to save on water since you can use what you have collected in many ways around your house.

4. Repair before you discard

Many of the things that get discarded are still usable. Sometimes they just need some fixing to be of use again. Learning how to repair things around your home can minimize the amount of waste you have to discard. So the next time you are about to throw something out, you might want to check if you still can repair or recycle it.

5. Reuse items

Food containers like jars, paper, and paper bags are among the things you can reuse. You can get creative in repurposing old jars or use it when you make your own fruit or vegetable preserves at home.

6. Install more energy-efficient light fixture

Replace incandescent light-bulbs with energy-efficient light fixtures, if you still have some of the latter in use around your house. Consider using motion-sensor lights in some areas at your home, if applicable.

7. Green your transport

You do not have to give up your car or stop driving completely. But you can try to green your transport by ensuring that your car is properly maintained, combining errands that will require you to drive, and biking or walking to some of the places that you can easily reach on two-wheels or on foot. Taking the public transit is also a great way to get around more sustainably.