Go Green with These Companies

When we speak of the top handyman brands, surely HealthyHandyman’s guide would be on the list. But how about when we talk about sustainable environment? Which companies should be on the list? We’ve done our research and found the following top five organizations that promote the green life.


This food company is one of the planet’s biggest food stores, and the evidence is clear. Recently, they’ve taken the lead in promoting the green way by reducing their total energy usage. They are using energy-efficient appliances and cutting power wastage by 25%. They even have green parking lots that are exclusive for hybrid vehicles only. Those parking lots come with permeable concrete with the capacity to recharge cars and clean ground water. In addition, McDonald’s also use mindful means to get their animal products to limit their effects on wrecking animal habitats.



As the leading producer of computer equipment, Dell has advocated the safe disposal of their products through an efficient recycling system. Because of their aim to limit environmental impacts, they permit customers to return Dell equipment for free. They also accept printers, computers, and monitors of other brands for safe disposal.


Google is also doing its part by cutting their energy consumption and assisting green energy projects. They’ve built the world’s most energy-efficient data centers too. They also encourage the use of renewable energy and clean energy products. The company continuously promotes energy conservation. They even funded a number of green energy projects by purchasing solar panels and windmills.

Bank of America


After realizing the importance of sustainable development, the Bank of America went green. In five years, they were able to cut paper use by 32%. They also began an internal recycling program and has been recycling around 30,000 tons of paper each year. The data implies that they’re conserving nearly 200,000 trees. They also offer $3,000 as a cash-back reward for workers who shift to hybrid vehicles.

Tesla Motors

Tesla_Motors_logoThis company is known to manufacture eco-friendly cars, without compromising the speed and power of the vehicles. Their electric-powered cars are efficient and can go from 0 to 60 in only 3.9, with an equivalent of 256mpg from its electric output. As a bonus, their vehicles are also elegant, with cost-effective maintenance costs.