Sustainable Living

10 of the Most Sustainable Cities in the World

(Source: Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2016)

What makes a sustainable city? Design and consultancy firm uses benchmarks like quality of life, green factors, and economic health while taking note of factors like natural disasters and population growth. For the firm’s Sustainable Cities Index 2016, here are the ones that made it to the top ten.

1. Zurich

2. Singapore

3. Stockholm
Djurgarden Stockholm

4. Vienna

5. London

6. Frankfurt

7. Seoul

8. Hamburg

9. Prague

10. Munich

These green cities may rank differently when it comes to the various criteria used to determine their sustainability index. But one thing is for sure, these are places where anyone who wants to embrace a sustainable lifestyle would love to live. From the economy to green transport and everything else in between, these cities set an example that other places or individuals can use as reference when in need of ideas to make changes that support eco-friendly initiatives.